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“Excellence is a continuous process & not an accident.”

Welcome to TJIS
Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of The Jain International School aims at keeping the spirit of togetherness among all the present students and ex-students of our school. Through this portal we hope to once again rekindle the memories of the good old days of our ex-students while studying in our esteemed institution. You can also share your remarkable achievements here. Even we would like to witness the growth of our alumni as great individuals the objective is to provide a platform for ex-students to find long lost buddies and contact them as well as get a gist of what each one of them have been up to. Do connect…. it will be a great experience.…!!

Buzz about TJIS

TJIS has been my 'dream' school ever
since I joined it in class 2, where children
are encouraged to be themselves and
excel in whichever area they choose
reaching their highest potential. Teachers are friendly
and always ready to help. My class teachers over
the years have always taken personal interest in my
wellbeing and all round development.

Anuskha Kararia
Aman S.
Riya M.
Aman Rajput

The unforgettable journey of 10 years in
TJIS has transformed a school boy to an
all rounder personality , be it an academic
scholar, a leader or a good sportsperson.
TJIS BILASPUR has a world class campus with
iconic infrastructure consisting of all necessary
which areuseful for one's overall
academic and sports development.

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