TJIS has been my 'dream' school ever since I joined it in class 2, where children are encouraged to be themselves and excel in whichever area they choose - reaching their highest potential. Teachers are friendly and always ready to help. My class teachers over the years have always taken personal interest in my wellbeing and all round development. Here, I got a chance to take part in so many extracurricular activities and sports. TJIS has taught me so much more than just studies.
I am doing MBBS from Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Anuskha Kararia

The unforgettable journey of 10 years in TJIS has transformed a school boy to an all rounder personality , be it an academic scholar, a leader or a good sportsperson. TJIS BILASPUR has a world class campus with iconic infrastructure consisting of all necessary amenities which are useful for one's overall academic and sports development. At last, I would like to thank all the faculty members and the TJIS family for being supportive and guiding me to taking off my career to a good start and laying a strong foundation in my life. Being a successful person will always redirect me to this place.

Yash Khushlani

I have been in TJIS for 5yrs and these 5yrs have transformed me from an introvert girl to a girl who can present herself in front of a crowd. TJIS has not only helped me in my academics but also helped me to fight against the odds of life, taught me to be a better human. My experience in TJIS was a boon for my future. The lessons that i have learned was really helpful.

Shivani Turlapati

TJIS acted as a platform where we are taught not just to compete and win but also to accept failure - try again, go ahead and achieve the goals! Inspiring Principal, Teachers, Fellow mates all together makes it a pleasant journey.

Pratibha Patel

I can definitely say that it's been a great experience for me to study in TJIS. TJIS gave me a lot to become a perfect person in life. The friendly teachers made me comfortable. They care for us as our second parent. Thanks TJIS.

Divesh Mittal

I wish my TJIS days could have extended a little longer, or I could go back and re-live those moments in my life. TJIS provides an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential. The motto 'Determined to Achieve' is echoed throughout the school. Each and every teacher strives to bring the best out of every student.

Ayushi Jain

I studied at TJIS from 2004 to 2015. To me, TJIS is much more than a school. It’s an institution that molds entire futures. Coming into TJIS with a plethora of learning differences, TJIS has not only helped me academically, but truly helped me understand myself and my capabilities better. From the start, each student is informed that CAN’T is an excuse, and that greatness is in everyone’s future.

Shubham Agrawal

I feel so lucky to be a part of TJIS. TJIS has taught me so many things from studies to sports. I got my state level certificate in badminton from TJIS. TJIS has taught me manners, etiquettes and discipline. It has influenced me and my studies in a very positive manner which means a lot to me. I miss TJIS and my teachers very much.

Nikita Singh

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