Counseling Facilities


The current hectic life schedule has not only taken its toll on the lives of the adults but also the children. The children are the future of our nation and the rate at which stress, tension and other various problems are rising in the lives of these youngsters, it is definitely alarming keeping in mind the future of the younger generation and the country’s future.

The Jain International School always strives to make learning an enjoyable and stress free experience, because it is not under pressure but when the mind is truly inquisitive and interested that the child can actually learn. But we also understand that even with the best effort we cannot keep the children always shielded from the various stress in their lives.

While the day-boarders have the privilege of returning to their home at the end of the day and can discuss their problems with their parents / guardian, the same cannot be said for the hostel boarders. Keeping their need in mind we have also appointed a well qualified and experienced psychiatrist to act as counsellor at the hostels. This is to ensure good mental health of the students residing at the hostel and to help them cope with various mental and psychological pressures.

We are among the first few CBSE residential schools in India to have employed qualified psychologist to help the students cope with the various stresses and problems both in their personal life as well as in academic and career. To us every life is valuable and we take special care not to stress our students beyond what is required or what they are able to cope up with. Our psychologist help us maintain the perfect environment for the students so that learning can be fun.

The school’s counsellors maintain the academic mission of TJIS by supporting and encouraging the learning process for students through an amalgamation of academic, career and personal/social improvement.

Counselor’s services include:

  • Character education
  • Classroom guidance activities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Crisis intervention
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Parent information sessions
  • Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
  • Student transitions
  • Referral services
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