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TJIS understands the value of school and mentoring by the teachers in the lives of every student. We take utmost care to ensure that every student receive the best guidance in this crucial stage of their life when they begin to understand the world around them and the foundation of the person they are growing up to be is laid down. Thus, TJIS follows a curriculum which is an amalgamation of the course prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi and the innovative methods introduced by the teachers at the institute to make the students better equipped to face the world. Our teachers and counsellors constantly monitor the development of every student.

Life skill education is an important part of TJIS curriculum. It ensures the social, physical and emotional growth of the students and helps them become a better human being. The students are encouraged to practice and develop the skill of public speaking and become an effective communicator. We also guide them to become a leader. They are taught the importance of having a healthy body and mind. Beside the skills to adapt to various environments the students are also groomed to become empathetic to others.

Academic guidance is another important program run by TJIS. We understand that all students cannot learn at the same pace. The program is aimed at providing special guidance to the students who require additional support beside the regular classes. These remedial classes are modified keeping in mind the tests and the examinations and if required group of students are formed and placed under the guidance of respective teachers.

The Language Lab and the Language Development Program has been introduced keeping in mind the importance of English as a language in today’s world. English is a global language and is of great importance. Fluency in communicative and written English is essential. Our language lab having state-of-the-art technologies ensures proper development and sharpening of the language skills of every student.

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