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The Jain International School always strives to provide the best ambience and atmosphere to its students. In this quest, TJIS has developed its hostel to be a home away from home for its boarders. The boys and girls have separate hostel providing them absolute privacy. Each multi-storeyed hostel building houses approximately 60 boarders in each floor. The residents are provided with all modern facilities and amenities that they might need during their stay. Each floor also has a spacious common room for recreational purpose. The hostel buildings are completely air-conditioned and each bedroom cum study facilitate 4 students. WiFi connectivity ensures that learning can take place anywhere and at anytime. Each hostel building is managed by an experienced hostel warden. The hostel boarders also become a part of small Mentor Group which is headed by a Faculty Mentor who is in charge of the personal and academic development of the students of each group. TJIS emphasizes on humanity as it is the best belief amidst all religions.

TJIS also recognizes the importance of spiritual and religious development beside physical and academic development of every student. TJIS is a completely non-secular institute and every student is also taught the importance of religious tolerance as well as to respect each other’s beliefs and religious sentiments.

At TJIS hostel life is never at a standstill. Be it sports or arts or performing arts or recreation in the form of TV viewing, movies, music and Internet, the residents are always engaged in various activities apart from their regular studies. There is never a dull moment for the hostel residents.

Although hostel food has the reputation of being worse than the worst food available anywhere and is in most of the cases a point of joke among the students, TJIS has taken special care to make it a pleasant surprise for the students residing in the hostels. With an array of mouth watering dishes ranging from Continental to North Indian to South Indian to Chinese on the menu, mealtime is always a celebration. No same item is repeated within a fortnight. However, every student is also imparted the habit of offering prayer before starting the meal.

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