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The Jain International School, Bilaspur is not only known for its academic achievements but also taking sports as their main subject. 
Sports required not only for career development but also for overall growth of the students. Hereby TJIS has world class facilities for the different sports inside the school premises. 

Lawn Tennis Court is one of its kind in whole Bilaspur and TJIS is best equipped with the swimming pool facilities mandatory for every students of TJIS.

Archery is Chhattisgarh’s state sport and hence we have dedicated field for the same. Coach here make students learn to hold archery and shoot the arrow. Likewise TJIS has dedicated Basket ball field and Cricket ground. 

Deployed with dedicated coaches for different sports who coach students during their regular school and also coach them professionally to face the tournament .
We have dedicated wing for sports who takes care for motivated counselling of the students to face the tournament be it local , State, National or International. 

TJIS also has a house system comprising of four houses, namely, Gunjan, Jhankar, Kalarav and Ninad which ensures a wonderful competitive environment all year round. The students are involved in various inter-house competitions which help develop their character and leadership capabilities. The year ends with the spellbinding annual sports event which is a fantastic display of talents by the students of TJIS. Beginning with some colourful cultural show, the participants from the four houses – Gunjan, Jhankar, Kalarav and Ninad, take part in various track and field events to display their talent and ensuring their house’s victory. The annual sport at TJIS is often graced by the presence of famous national sports personalities and champions. The event is concluded with a grand display of fireworks illuminating the lithosphere and the innumerable rising stars make us remember the stars of TJIS, for whom only "Sky is the limit".

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