"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life"

ChairmanSri R. Chenraj Jain is an exuberant visionary whose holistic view of education does not only comprehend technical and professional skills but also living skills that enhance the quality of an individual's life. Authentic Indian culture and spiritual values occupy a prominent space in all the educational projects he has launched. His acumen and the multifarious roles and responsibilities he has taken upon himself often bring him face to face with challenging situations that call for a versatile proactive leadership and new conceptual frameworks that he has never been afraid to put into practice. It is his strong conviction that there is much, much more which is possible than people ordinarily think'. Indeed his past achievements, present endeavors and future aspirations bear commendable testimony to his zest.

Founder cum Chairman, Jain Group of Institutions - Bangalore

Anita Agrawal, DirectorSmt. Anita Agrawal is an exceptional administrator and philanthropist; she is the monitoring activities at TJIS Bilaspur in her capacity as the Director. MBA graduate from Rourkela University, she is an active socialite and member of various social organizations including the Rotary Club, Lioness club and Agrasen Mahila Mandali. With a very versatile personality and is endowed with remarkable social skills and leadership qualities one require to achieve great things, to transform dreams into reality, to inspire people and to show the path of glory, one needs to lead people. She is indeed one of the greatest pillars among the trustees.

Smt. Anita Agrawal, Director, Founder & Promoter

Narayan Agrawal, Co-founderSri Narayan Agrawal is a well-known face in the community service circles of Raipur. An ardent social worker from his younger days, he has worked for several social causes and is the member of several social organizations. With a Masters degree in Commerce and as Director of the Hira Group of Industries, he has significant interests in the steel, cement, ferroalloys and power sectors. Sri Narayan Agrawal is a strategist par excellence and vigorous thinker whose actions speak volumes for his efforts.

Sri Narayan Agrawal, Co-Founder & Promoter

Niranjan Jindal, Co-founderSri Niranjan Jindal is a businessman by profession, operating the Jai Bharat Rice Mill in Kharsia and having parallel interests in construction. He is a firm believer in the value-based approach to life that translated into active participation in several community activities over the years. A, B.Com graduate, Sri Niranjan Jindal exudes positive and vibrant energy that is one of the keys to keep this institution going.

Sri Niranjan Jindal, Co-Founder & Promoter

Ashok Agrawal, Co-founder and Managing TrusteeSri Ashok Agrawal’s involvement in TJIS Bilspur is the straight upshot of his dedication to social activism and community development, which has also led him to join several social organizations as well. A, B. Com graduate, he is primarily a pioneering industrialist from Chhattisgarh who has diversified into the power, coal, cement, construction, packaging and hotel industries.

Sri Ashok Agrawal, Co-Founder, Promoter & Managing Trustee

Madhu Agrawal, Founder and promoterSmt. Madhu Agrawal is a graduate from Rourkela University. She actively involves in social activities, gatherings etc., She is also the active member of various clubs.

Smt. Madhu Agrawal, Founder & Promoter

Meena Jindal, Founder and promoterSmt. Meena Jindal is a graduate and a social activist with a pleasing personality. She actively takes part in various social gatherings, and most importantly, always lends her helping hand for the needy persons.

Smt. Meena Jindal, Founder & Promoter


He is an inspiring leader who always carries in his mind a set of brilliant conceptions to propel his team to the peak of accomplishments. With complete focus on holistic development of children, he has been constantly bringing in new ideas, methodologies, be it curricular or co- curricular. His unique accommodative style of respecting others choices has always made the task of setting the organizational goals and achieving the same easier at all times.

Mr. Aman Agrawal, CEO & Promoter

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