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Health Facility

The Jain International School takes issue of wellbeing of its students very seriously. TJIS has qualified physician on campus to take care of the students and especially the boarders whenever the need arise. The students are treated by able physician at the hostel in case of any medical issue.
TIJS also has a tie-up with Apollo hospital to cater to the medical emergencies of the students. We are among the very few of the residential boarding schools in India to have takes up such initiative in order to ensure utmost care of all the residents of the hostel.
TJIS is careful about the safety and well being of each and every student and takes no chance when it comes to these issues. We understand the worries and tension that the parents / guardians of any child who is staying in hostel regarding the well being of their children. TJIS is as much concerned as the parents and guardians of each and every student studying in the institute. The parents and guardians of the boarders can rest assured that their child are properly looked after, and in case of any emergency, the well being of the student is our first priority, and definitely the parents as well as the local guardians are also informed immediately.


Medical camp is conducted every year where students are subjected to medical checkup by physicians and other specialists. General physique, dental checkup, vision and hearing test are conducted.


First aid is given to all minor injuries that happen within the school. Medical attendant is available 24*7.


The school has a very hygienic and well maintained room to accommodate the students falling sick during the school hours. The medical room is well furnished to satisfy the needs of the users. The medical room is cleaned regularly or as and when need ariseswith antibacterial cleansers. Bed covers changed daily and ensured they are sterilized. The medical room is equipped with first aid medicines.


The school has a vehicle and a driver for emergency transportation of pupils to hospitals/ clinics.

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