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We must thank God that the life is gradually getting back to the normal but if any community which was largely effected has been the community of students………..

Schools across the country have reopened and, in doing so, have once again revealed the complex interplay between health and education. We have strictly mandated all government protocols. Our teachers have once again found themselves in the middle of public health debates and remediating learning loss. We try to balance academic and extracurricular skills with scheduled programs & competitions.

Many students and staff lost their loved ones, in few cases both the parents! Everyone is in a financial crisis and the big question is how to go forward for everyone. What are your concerns as we start? This may remain with us for few more years, and we have to keep going now. Please accept,

Key takeaways for parents and teachers from here:

1. Slow down, Don’t rush to respond to pressures generated by concerns over the academic loss. Lead with talking, engaging, and playing. We`ll continue to support you.

2. Teach kids to be honest in online exam, the principle for their life & future.

3. Balance concerns about physical health, mental health, and academic health. It is not either/or.

The concerns and challenges are substantial, can resolve to address them together.

It's my privilege to announce this year; our students are got admissions into top universities of the U.S., Canada& U.K. like the PENN state, Manchester, Stanford… for undergraduate programs; it will continue in years to come.

We believe in educational `EQUITY` - giving every child what he/she needs to succeed at an agreed-upon level. Once the school roll back to its routine, we will access the learning gap and will share the result with every parent along with our plan to fill `Learning Gaps`.

Let's thrive in 2023-24 for better teaching and learning, a better discipline portfolio, and more fantastic academic results.

Be safe & protect everyone.

Mr Sanjay Srivastava


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